Role-Playing Game Professional (RPGP) Books & Interactive Learning Tools

We offer an extensive array of books (and online supporting materials) for Role-Playing Game Professionals

The RPGP Workbook Series: The core of our training, filling in the blanks as you advance in your training, the books in this series not only help track your progress, they become a powerfully useful reference tool over time. Unlike many other workbooks that you just fill out and throw away, these become a valuable addition to your professional bookshelf. They include space to customize the index to your needs so you can find that valuable information you need weeks, months, or even years later. These books are mandatory for anyone wishing to complete our Role-Playing Game Professional Certifications or Diplomas. Available for purchase through RPG Publishers or

The RPGP Study Guide Series (Coming Soon): Our self-study guide books, online resources, and mobile apps, are an excellent complement to those who are good self-driven self-study learners. Not for everyone, but for those that prefer this format, these books are a great support to our workbooks, training workshops, long-term training programs, online learning management system (LMS), mobile apps. These books are optional but helpful to many. Available for purchase through RPG Publishers or

The RPGP Interactive Online Learning Management System (LMS): Our Interactive Online Learning Management System (LMS) through RPG.Education provides robust online learning tools and resources to help you advance in your role-playing game professional goals. Use of this platform is required for taking our quizzes and final exams, for anyone working toward their Role-Playing Game Professional certification or diplomas. Available through RPG.Education.

The RPGP Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tutor Interactive eBooks (Coming Soon!): Still a work in progress, but our founder has been involved with technology and software development since the 1970s, and is heavily involved with direct hands-on Machine Learning and actual Artificial Intelligence (not just generative "AI" buzzword bingo). His knowledge, expertise, and learning model libraries, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Neural Networks (DNN), Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots are being incorporated into all of our interactive online, mobile, eBooks, and games. Opensource versions of these services can be found at, and our commercial products integration updates can be found at Stay tuned for more exciting details.

The RPGP Mobile Apps (Coming Soon!): If you like to use mobile apps to supplement your learning experiences and practical application sessions, or if you practically live off your mobile device daily far more than a laptop, desktop, or in-person sessions, then our mobile apps are for you. We have a wide suite of mobile apps to complement both trainees and active professionals. For example the opensource version of the RPG Consent app sourcecode can be found at, and the enhanced commercial version online at or installed via your favorite mobile app store (Android or iOS). More details coming soon!

RPGP Learning Games (Coming Soon): If you really prefer learning through gaming over dry lectures, we have a series of tabletop (TRPG), live-action (LRPG and larp), electronic (ERPG) , and hybrid (HRPG) game books, websites, and applications that are a great fit for this learning modality. For example our NeuroRPG game can be played with an EEG-style Brain-Computer Interface headset (the opensource version of this, BCI RPG, designed for maximum accessibility for people with severe disabilities, but also useful for the general population), and our partnership through the non-profit RPG Research with the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game (BFRPG) and our exclusive training models using this opensource role-playing game system, or our Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) enhanced Zday City RPG Campaign. These are just a few of the many great approaches we're taking in making extensive learning and hands-on experience development even more fun and effective!