Facilitated Relationship-Building

Role-Playing Game Therapy Programs

Facilitated Couples Role-Playing Game Sessions Can Be A Great Way To Improve Your Relationships

The cooperative problem-solving, socially engaging, empathy-building, narrative-driven, highly social, communication-based activity known as a role-playing game can be an excellent method for improving communication, compassion, camaraderie, and better understanding in relationships.

In addition to various recreational therapy, drum circle, music jams, and a variety of RPG formats (tabletop, live-action, electronic, and hybrids), we have two different structured RPG Therapy program offerings specifically designed fo relationships.

We Offer Two Relationship Building Program Options

  • Personalized program with no wait-list.

  • Standardized program with a wait-list.

Multiple Participation Locations and Options

We offer a variety of ways for you to participate in our programs. These options include:

  • Online sessions using our self-hosted private and secure video conferencing platform

  • Our offices in Spokane, Washington

  • Other locations using our mobile facilities known as the RPG Mobile

  • Other in-person options, even potentially at your location, throughout the following states:

    • Washington State

    • Oregon

    • Northern Idaho

    • Western Montana

  • Other locations upon prior arrangement.

Personalized Program (no wait-list)

The personalized program focuses on the relationship between you and your significant other(s), with sessions specifically designed to address your relationship's needs.

For a personalized, highly targeted experience in a more controlled environment, without a wait list, we offer a distinctive and highly effective program with regular sessions consisting of you and your significant other(s). 

We also provide 1-3 other experienced, trained, RPG Therapeutics staff members as facilitators and fellow session participants to round out the group, as well as one of our staff member to run the sessions as the Game Master.

These personalized programs provide the most intensive and targeted approach. Sessions are three hours if weekly, or else four hours if every-other week. 

Typically weekly program series arc of this nature lasts two to four months. If sessions are every-other-week, then it may last four to six months. When a program series arc is completed, you and our staff perform an evaluation of efficacy of the program arc. If you wish, you may continue another series arc, targeting an updated list of goals.

The personalized program sessions can be provided on a customized schedule for your convenience. The commitment is open-ended (you may participate in as many session arcs as you wish). In each series arc you will participate in a customized campaign specifically designed to target your goals.

Each session includes pre-and-post session processing discussions, and also between-session tasks. We provide all the materials needed.

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Standardized Program (wait-list)

A less-expensive alternative is to sign on to the wait-list for the next available group series arc. You will be paired with others depending on everyone's list of goals, and the results from the assessment forms.

These groups are considerably less expensive for each couple because the staffing costs are split between the couples, while still paying our employee's wages and covering our other expenses.

With the wait-listed program you team up with one or more other couples to participate in a 16 session standardized program series arc.

There is an up-front deposit required before you are put on the wait-list.

We pair you with another 1 to 2 couples, including synchronizing everyone's schedules, and we provide 1-2 staff members as therapist(s), facilitator(s), and/or Game Master.

This approach requires a fixed commitment and contract agreement.

These are weekly 3-hour sessions, with a minimum commitment of 16 weeks for 2 couples (4 months), or 24 weeks for 3 couples (6 months).

This approach uses prepared campaigns that are known to address your goals in a general sense, but are less individually customized than the personalized programs. Though every effort is made to provide the closest matching program series arc appropriate to your goals.

There is typically a 1 to 6 month wait for these programs.

There is a one-month up-front deposit commitment, to cover the first four sessions, and to confirm your wait list status. This is 100% refundable after 3 months if your program has not started by 3 months from when the deposit is paid in full.

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Get Started

If you decide you wish to proceed with any of our programs, there is a $100 non-refundable intake and assessment processing fee per participant. This includes completing detailed assessment questionnaires. Upon your request, we send you the application forms without charge, then when you have completed them, you submit them either by postal mail or digital scan via email or upload via our secure website. When we receive your paperwork, we will contact you for payment before we send you the assessment forms. Some of the assessment tools have licensing fees we must pay for each copy, so we cannot send the assessments until after you have paid. Once you complete the assessment forms, you email or postal mail them back to us (or drop off at our offices), and we will finish processing the forms within three to ten business days.

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Once we receive your application, payment, and and process your completed assessment forms, we will schedule your first session.

This typically happens within one to four weeks for the individualized programs.

Wait-listed programs depend on timing, and could be anywhere from one to three months before you begin.

The assessment forms help us to determine the best tools to use, and help us further customize your program to most effectively achieve your desired goals.

Billing and Payment

For insurance billing, our services are labeled as "Recreational Therapy" and/or "Therapeutic Recreation". Check with your insurance provider to see if these services are covered by your policy.

Due to the Affordable Care Act, as of 2016 most insurance companies no longer cover "alternative therapies" such as our services unless you have a specific clause in your policy that mentions those services as a covered service. Some insurance providers may accept these as group counseling sessions, though we would need to go through the lengthy pre-approval process to confirm coverage before your session begins.

For self-pay, payment is due at the time services are delivered. 

Self-pay payment methods available:

  • Cash

  • Check

  • Debit/Credit card

  • Paypal

Personalized session are $120 per hour. $360 per 3-hour session, $480 per 4-hour session.

  • A 5% discount is available if you prepay 4 sessions in advance.

  • A 10% discount if available if you prepay 8 sessions in advance.

Standardized groups (wait-listed) are $60/hr for 2 couples ($180 per session, per couple), or 24 weeks for 3 couples (6 months) at $40/hr ($120 per session, per couple).

The deposit may be paid in installments if needed, but you will not be placed on the wait list until the deposit is paid in full.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or if you are interested in proceeding with the initial free 15 minute consultation.