Accessible Recreation & Leisure Activity Programs and Consulting Services.

We believe it is critically important to make accessibility considerations a priority for all programs.

Begin with accessibility in mind. We have decades of background in accessibility research and advocacy for recreation and leisure activities, especially music and gaming, gaming events, accessibility site surveys, and especially role-playing game design and considerations for accessibility in all formats: tabletop, live-action, electronic, and hybrids.

We can help you or your organization improve access to your programs.

For our own programs we provide a wide range of adaptive equipment for our programs to maximize inclusiveness for people with disabilities.

We are actively engaged in promoting accessibility, education, and recreational therapy consulting or direct services for populations ranging from 2.5 year old non-verbal Autism spectrum, people with brain injuries, through senior adults with cognitive impairments, and a wide range in between. In addition to direct client programs also provide professional training as well as programs for  community, educational, and therapeutic settings.

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